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“I focus on a wide range of photographic subjects from product photography, portraits, architecture, to documentary event photography. Understanding the essence of the photographed subject, relationship or personality is the most important thing for me. 
I then combine all the subjects to create a complete unified photographic identity.”


Understanding the overall feel and needs of the brand, not just the object itself. I apply the acquired knowledge to the overall look and feel of the photographs to create a new or support the existing visual style of the brand. Interesting compositions can be found in minimalist photographs of products with a white background, as well as in the creation of more complex compositions of colourful still lifes.What is essential for me is understanding the designer’s intended idea and also a clear shot of the relationship between a person and an object, or an object and the environment it is in.

I have experience in photographing behind-the-scenes processes during the creation of products. I document creators at work, so companies can better communicate their vision and get closer to their customers.

A person’s relationship to oneself, to one’s work and to everything around them. Portrait photographs of specific figures are an important part of displaying a comprehensive visual presentation of an individual and a brand. I photograph people to support the overall presentation of their own products much in the same way that I shoot distinctive photo compilations of interesting people for magazines. I shoot portraits both in a studio setting and in an environment that is natural for the person.

I focus on overall visual content for businesses and individuals.

"Photography and graphic design go hand in hand when presenting a brand. That's why it's important to me that the photos reflect the visual style of the client as best as possible and create a unified identity together with the graphic design."

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I have different approaches to architecture photography based on consultation with the client.The minimalist, depictive, but also atmospheric take on the subject offers multiple possibilities of use. It depends on the client’s specifications, whether it is the architect studio itself that needs a detailed depiction of the implemented projects, or a lifestyle magazine with a clear vision of how to convey the genius loci to the readers.

Sometimes after photographing all the beautiful objects from the most skillful designers, I also seek something else than loneliness of my studio. I am happy to shoot a wedding or a family. Be with people, hear their stories and than re-tell it with my photographs to stay here and be remebered forever.


I do wedding and family photography together with my husband David and you can see more of our portfolio here:

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