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The day when I had my street photos exhibited in the streets

výstava fotografií na olomouckém náměstí

24.6.2023 for the third year of the street music festival Olomouc (o)žije. This time, the organizers decided to enrich it with a photo festival - in various corners and alleys you could come across photos of Olomouc authors.

I was also among the photographers approached and I decided to show the photos that were taken while wandering aimlessly through my beloved city in the post-Christmas period, when silence and peace permeated the streets and, after many gray days, the rays of the setting sun crept into the streets of Olomouc.

My favourite place on Earth

You could say I'm lucky to live in my favorite place in the world, but that would sound like a coincidence. It's a decision. The city that forms the main scenery of my life. Its nooks and crannies never cease to fascinate me, so I sometimes take pictures of them. It is out of a clear need to record the beauty and my love for Olomouc.

Olomouc is to me what Stars Hollow is to Rory Gilmore.

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