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School photographs for the International Montessori School Olomouc

This order came to me very unexpectedly. I never thought about taking pictures of children in kindergarten or school. But I told myself, why not, everything should be tried at least once.

ateliérové fotografie dětí na modrém pozadí
school photos ready for all excited parents

I called Natália, a wonderful assistant and a child's entertainer, to my service. The photo shoot took place in a classroom at school. We brought all the necessary studio equipment.

While planning the concept, I thought about what these photos should say. I decided on a minimalist concept that will reflect children's nature, depicting their joy and spontaneity.

I think that it is not necessary to arrange children in artificial environments, among props that have been the same for twenty years, completely out of current trends. The photos should be a reminder of how we looked at a certain age and I wanted them to evoke childhood memories even when viewed many years later. We approached the children with empathy, we did not force anyone to pose.

We both really enjoyed the photo shoot. The children gave us so much positive energy, so much authenticity that I fell asleep at night thinking how lucky I was to have experienced this and to be doing this work.

I thank the International Montessori School Olomouc and all the parents who gave me permission to use the children's photos for my presentation.

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