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Valner studio - photographs for lifestyle magazines: Cosmopolitan and Esprit Magazine

I often photograph David, but mostly it is directly for the needs of the Valner studio. When the opportunity comes to take pictures of him for the media, I try to look at him and the spaces, which for me are actually a bit haunted by their almost daily presence, look a little differently.

Last year I had two opportunities to try it out. Valner studio was approached by two lifestyle magazines - David to give an interview and me to deliver interesting photographs. Petra Šimůnková from Esprit wrote about the creation of new designs and how large objects are created, which we went to present in Naples, Italy. I took photos directly in the glass factory, where glassmakers were creating individual components for glass tables during full operation.

But the designer's work for the most part takes place elsewhere. Everything needs to be drawn, planned, invented, arranged. And for this part of the work we have our studio in Olomouc. Martin Váša decided to write about this for Cosmopolitan.

I know both spaces very well and have photographed them many times. In my work, I rely a lot on a moment of surprise from a new place, on a natural interest in the processes that take place there, on preoccupation with random still lifes, interesting light, or the charm of the person's personality.

Photographing a person I know in an environment that is part of my routine everyday life was a challenge. I had to banish all memories, turn off my expectations and set myself up for improvisation. It works for me a lot in such situations if I take different equipment than usual, I seem to "forget" something, which forces me to deal with it in a different way.

When taking photos in the studio, for example, I took a light without a softbox and tried to partially color it pink using a plastic folder for papers.

One learns through practice and becomes more self-confident and calmer at work, but the flip side, I think, is a certain loss of the ability to experiment and improvise. What do you do when you want to disrupt the established order in your work? Let me know.


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